Emmeluth's Amoeba

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POLYP is Emmeluths Amoeba's first album.
release: March 16. 2018. 

An album which moves beyond the expected and leaves the listener with music which is grippingly raw, quirky and frail.

The album consist of a variety of free improvisations and compositions by Emmeluth. Inspired by free jazz and classical music from the 20th century is the foundation of which Emmeluth’s Amoeba moves upon into a polyphonic muddle. The title track POLYP is referring to the dancing movements of the naval plant and the feeling of lacking gravity associated with being under water which is a theme throughout the record. Big ears and good intuition are the foundations upon which the band creates an ensemble sound, where the roles of the instruments are challenged as well as the gravity points in the music are shifted. The music is turned up-side-down and moves rapidly in changing directions by consensus. Preparations and extended techniques are added to the broad palet of sounds available to the musicians, from which they effortlessly draw upon and follow the flow of the music. Space and chaos, lyrical yet mysterious melodies and fierce dramaturgy are united in playful playing, where curiosity is a keystone.

“I hear music and sounds in shapes and colours, and i’m therefor often inspired by visuals. For me it’s fascinating to see if I can bring my visual thoughts in to a auditiv experience.  We want to create a complete picture of sound that explores different aspects of movement, acoustic and electronic sound, tone, rhythm and harmonics. What is sound? Cacophony, euphony, everything is sound and together it is music.” - Signe Emmeluth

Signe Emmeluth (25) is a Danish saxophone player and composer, currently living in Oslo (NO). Emmeluth has lately become a leading voice of improvised music in the Nordic countries with her bands as KONGE (Mats Gustavsson, Ole Morten Vågan og Kresten Osgaard) and OWL (duo with Karl Bjorå). She is also known through her collaborations with artists like Paal Nilssen-Love, Pascal Niggenkemper, John Edwards and Mette Rasmussen.


Signe Emmeluth
- alto saxophone / compositions
Christian Balvig - piano
Ole Mofjell - drums
Karl Bjorå - guitar

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The music of this album has interesting and evocative sound, which is created by passionate, talented and innovative jazz masters.
— Avant Scena
The result is unpredictable music, raw and strange, but indispensably awakening something that has already been discussed - curiosity.
— Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji (PL)
Intelligent and imaginative music that has a lot to offer. Not just a mixture of influences. But music that comes from a strong and clear vision.
— Vital Weekly
Signe Emmeluth breaks away with the music as if she invented that ... awesome debutball album.
— Thomas Millroth, Orkesterjournalen (SE)
Her music do changes its shapes and colors rapidly, always expanding its boundaries and vocabularies. But throughout these changes Emmeluth’s Amoeba moves as a tight, fearless unit
— Eyal Hareuveni, The Free Jazz Collective
Polyp is a very good piece of work, which reflects the inspiration and technique of the musicians: a new and indispensable release for all jazz listeners.
— Piergiuseppe Lippolis, Music Map (IT)
The four musicians deliver a surprisingly fresh and nice recording.
— Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts * (NO)
Nysgjerrighetsskapende samtidsmelodik… fengsler med forbløffende blåsetekniske lydfrembringelser, overraskende bevegelser og retningsskift samt åndløse eksperimenter i de impro-kollektive prosesser
— Bjarne Søltoft. Jazznytt (NO)

Recorded in Øra Studio (Trondheim, NO), October 4th - 6th 2017 by Karl Klaseie
Produced by Emmeluth’s Amoeba
Mixed and mastered by Karl Klaseie in Greener Mastering (Trondheim, NO)
Cover design by Martin Miguel Almagro Tonne and Signe Emmeluth