Mambo Compañeros


cubansk musikk sammen med TrondheimSolistene
Release: April 15. 2016

Mambo Compañeros is one of Scandinavia’s most successful Latin-Music groups. The 8 piece group is based in Trondheim, Norway. Mambo Compañeros has existed since 1996 and has gained recognition throughout Scandinavia. The band’s music is based on Afro-Cuban and Caribbean styles like Salsa, Timba, Afro-Cuban Jazz and Merengue.


Alexander Fernandez - vocal
Morten Huuse - piano/coro
Kjetil Sandnes - bass/coro
Magnus Forsberg - drums
Kåre Kolve - sax/coro
Morten Schrøder - trumpet
Luisón Medina - congas/vocal
Bjørnar Søreng - timbales


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