Natalie Sandtorv


Freedom Nation is Natalie Sandtorv´s debut album as a solo artist.
release: October 6. 2017. 

Freedom Nation is a strong and convincing debut. Lyrics and vocals stands strong over primal grooves, and a rich blanket of synth and alternatively saxophone play gives a musical soundscape that gets you going, with roots in jazz that mirrors itself in the urban folk, indie, and spiritual music. By combining this with Sandtorv’s unique voice, profound lyrics, and danceable global grooves, this becomes a remarkable expression that stands out. The band Sandtorv hand-picked to this project is a massive, touching, engaging challenge to the conformity in jazz, and contains a fresh link between modern jazz and popular music. The band is made up of high-profile musicians from the Scandinavian jazz scene, known from projects such as Cokko (NO), Girls In Airports (DK), The Dark, Molecules (NO) and Polyfonatura (NO). They have a wide catchment that belong on a number of different stages and clubs beyond the usual jazz clubs.

Natalie Sandtorv - vocal / compositions  
Mathias Holm Jørgensen - synth, piano and effects       
Jonas Flemsæter Hamre - saxophone
Eirik Havnes - guitar
Ole Mofjell - drums
Tor Haugerud - drums on “Lover”

— Maria Lokna, Morgenbladet (NO)
En artist som kommer til å gi avtrykk i fremtiden
— Audun Vinger, Jazznytt (NO)
Freedom Nation, is a musical direction you got to love!
— Under Dusken (NO)
Natalie Sandtorv inviterer oss alle inn i er stort, spennende, unikt og sjangersprengende
— Tor Hammerø (NO)
The songs format highlight even further Sandtrov natural gift to sketch fragile, emotional moods with her passionate, compassionate conviction.
— Eyal Hareuveni, Salt peanuts*


Recorded at Ocean Sound Recordings (Giske, NO), 5.-9. February 2017,
and in Øra Studio (Trondheim, NO) 19. June 2017.
Produced by Natalie Sandtorv and Karl Klaseie
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Karl Klaseie, Greener Mastering, Trondheim (NO)
Cover design by Henrik Koppen
Photos by Kristin Støylen