Thea Hjelmeland


Thea Hjelmeland

Thea Hjelmeland's first album

Release: February 24. 2012

Thea Hjelmeland is a norwegian singer and multi-instrumentalist, composer, writer, producer and artist; mixing genres in music and art. She was raised in an artist familiy in a village of the deep fjords of Norway and started playing at the age of 5. She plays guitars, mandolin, banjo, harpe, piano, percussion, charango, electronics and more. She has also released a secound album, Solar Plexus (2014). Both albums are a rich and varied palette of folk-pop intermixed with strong world music elements.

Having enchanted audiences with performances as far afield as Cuba, Germany and France, the multi-instrumentalist from Førde builds upon her own unique brand of creativity by orbiting a universe of old stringed instruments, multi-layered vocal harmonies and pulsating rhythms, over which her crystalline voice soars and sparkles. Singing tales of sorrow and longing, hopes and fears, and brimming with raw, emotional beauty. With an intense and dynamic live perfomance, the spell she casts over the audience is mesmerizing. 

In 2015 she was awarded the Norwegian Grammy for best album of the year in the genre «Indie». The same year her album «Solar Plexus» received awards for to best live perfomer, best challenger in music, best regional jazz musician and her concerts had the very best reviews. 


Det er pop, og så er det popkunst. Thea Hjelmeland hører til i den siste kategorien, blant annet fordi hun skaper sin egen miks basert på pop, elektronika, folk og world music. Hun utfordrer.
— Øyvind Rønningen, Dagbladet


Produced by Jostein Ansnes and Jarle Bernhoft in Øra Studio, Trondheim (NO)
"Perfume" produced by Jørgen Træen in Duper Studio, Bergen (NO)